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 Product Name:Vertical Gas fired hot oil heater
Product detail:
 1. Classification:

Shandong Longxing Chemical Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has a research institute for thermal oil furnaces, which is dedicated to the research and innovation of thermal oil furnaces. At present, the company's heat-conducting oil furnace has vertical hand-fired thermal oil furnace, horizontal chain coal-fired thermal oil furnace, vertical fuel thermal oil furnace, horizontal fuel thermal oil furnace, vertical gas thermal oil furnace, horizontal gas heat conduction Oil furnaces and electric heating heat transfer oil furnaces can fully meet the fuel requirements and plant requirements of different customers.

2. Application:

The heat transfer oil furnace, also known as the organic heat carrier furnace and the heat medium furnace, is an efficient heat supply device. Its thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%, and it is widely used in petrochemical, grease materials, building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is a new type of ideal heating equipment.

3. Complete set of heat transfer oil furnace:

The complete set of heat transfer oil furnace generally includes the following contents: furnace body, expansion tank, oil storage tank, oil injection pump, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, electric control cabinet, separator and the like. Our company provides high temperature heat transfer oil. Please contact our customer service staff or call to request a complete configuration list of the thermal oil furnace.

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