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 Product Name:Diesel oil steam boiler
Product detail:

iesel oil steam boiler

According to the fuel, the steam boiler can be divided into an electric steam boiler, a fuel steam boiler, a gas steam boiler, etc.; according to the structure, it can be divided into a vertical steam boiler and a horizontal steam boiler, and the small steam boiler is mostly a single and double return vertical structure, large Steam boilers are mostly three-return horizontal structures.
Manufacturing process characteristics
1) Manufacturing process: key processes such as cutting, circle and drilling all use advanced CNC machining technology to reduce assembly stress and extend boiler service life.
2) Welding process: The vertical and circumferential welds of the boiler adopt advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology to ensure the welding quality. Extend the life of the boiler.
3) Furnace insulation: using voltaic aluminum silicate fiber, and then using refractory mud to keep the temperature of the furnace below 45 °C, effectively controlling heat loss.
4) Large boiler capacity: sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, so that the boiler can generate high heat power and steam from the product.

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