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 Product Name:Dry Powder Mixer
Product detail:

1. Product Features:
  Dry powder mixeris equipped with new type of high-speed spiral knife, to completely solve theproblem of uneven fiber dispersion. The mixer has many merits as follows: smallfloor space , easy installation without fixed, low investment, and high efficiency.It is the first choice of thebuilding material production enterprises.

2. Productionparameters:
Each Batch of Mixed Volume: 1 cubic meter
Hoist Power: 3KW
Mixing time :5-8 minutes
Dusting Machine Power: 2.2kw
Mixing Uniformity: >98%
Automatic Discharge Machine: 4kw (Automatic packaging)
Host Power: 11KW
Spiral Cutter Power: 3kw
Host Appearance (m): 2.1X1.8X1.35


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