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 Product Name:Mortar Equipment
Product detail:


The plant, independentlydeveloped by our company, is the small and medium sized equipment special forproducing particular kind of dry powder mortar .And the materials are mixedtwice, dispersed to achieve a better effect.

2. Comparedwith otrers,the dry powder mortar equipment has the following advantages:
① Gooddispersion effect:

The mixer with a uniquestructural design internally, can effectively disperse polypropylene fiber andwood fiber, to completely solve the problems of segregation and fiber secondreunion caused by the different proportion of the materials. 


The equipment can meetdifferent performance requirements of dry mortar production ,such as: masonrymortar,plaster mortar, mortar for insulation system , decorative mortar andother dry mortars.

③. Highcost/performance:

The device has a clear priceadvantage .The production project for external wall insulation and decorativemortar is with low investment and high efficiency, and can avoid investing toomuch to idle the equipment and waste the resources.

④ Simpleand convenient operations:

The device covers a small area,with low energy consumption and easy operation, and can be directly installedwithout using the base.The output per hour is 2-8 tons and needs 2-6 operationalworkers.

Dry-mixedMortar Production Lline

Dry-mixed mortar production line is mainly composed ofthe following equipments, users can choose and combine according to theiractual conditions .
1, elevator
2, grading sieve
3, quantitative feeder
4, drying machine
5, LCPLC batching control system (including the batchingscale)
6, conveying equipment
7, WZL horizontal biax zero-weight mixer / LDH coultermixer
8, dust collection system
9, the central air compressor
10, packing machine
11, storage silos
12, steel platform


①Adhesive mortar: such as tile adhesive, sealant, thermal insulationcomposite system special adhesive mortar.
②Plastering mortar: the interior andexterior rendering wiping, Fu son, colored decorative mortar, thermalinsulation mortar and so on.
③Masonry mortar: ordinary masonry, concreteblock mortar, thermal insulation mortar and other masonry.

④Floor mortar: ordinary floor mortar,self-leveling mortar.
⑤Special mortar: repair mortar, waterproofmortar,and hardened powder.
Please contact with our sales engineers, and we willrecommend dry mortar device more suitable for your configuration, process, andthe equipment layout program.

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